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PostSubject: DONATION POLICY   Thu Jun 09, 2011 6:35 am

Finest Ragnarok Online is offering rewards in form of in-game items when you donate. By donating, you are helping to keep the server alive. You are not buying items instead we are giving you small gift of appreciation for your support.

Playing this game is absolutely free, however, the total operating costs and monthly maintenance are not easy on the pocket, especially with the type of quality equipment and bandwidth we use. If you want to help us pay the hosting fees, you are most welcomed to donate.

Donation Policy:

1. Finest Ragnarok Online will not refund any money that you already donated. Once you buy, you'll be very much appreciated for helping this server. However, since you are the one who's responsible for your account, we still reserve the right to punish you whenever you BReak a rule, and sanction you accordingly.

2.All the information you provided will be kept confidential which covers the usage and protection of your personal information.

3.We will not be responsible if your reward items got hacked or scammed.

4.Once you've picked your items, there is no return and no exchange (do not bug/ask GMs for exchanging items)

5.By donating, you therefore declare your full legally bounding agreement to this policy, regardless of your abilities/efforts to understand any/all areas covered by it.
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