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 About WOE Castles

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PostSubject: About WOE Castles   Tue Jul 26, 2011 1:33 pm

To Admin Ray

1 Castle every WOE but why there is no rotation of castle ?

What I mean is:

Monday: Kreimhild
Tuesday: Swandhild
Wednesday: Fadgridh
Thursday: Gondul
Friday: Skeogul
Saturday: Mardol
Sunday: Himinn

For players still able to do the other quest such as:

Rudra Bow[4]
Wizardry Staff[4]

Because that quest requires Agit loots in every Castle in Prontera

Snow Crystal - Kriemhild
Omen - Swanhild
Ripple - Fadgridh
Billow - Gondul
Drifting Air - Skeogul

Hope you can consider my suggestion.
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About WOE Castles
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